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Satin and Tat has a Blog!

Blogs are brilliant! I use blogs all the time to gather inspiration for my work. They’re always being updated by talented writers and are a great way to keep up to date with new trends! Some of my favourite wedding blogs are Way Out Wedding, Mr. & Mrs. Unique and Rock n Roll Bride.

Satin and Tat - wedding invites - wedding blog

But would I be any good at writing a blog...hmmmm I’m not sure, I might stick to what I’m good at and that’s creating Wedding Invitations for all of your beautiful and unique weddings!

So a short time ago I started searching for a proper writer to join the Satin and Tat team and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve found one and she’s awesome!

I’ll let Amy introduce herself…


“I am a Midlands-based fledgling blogger with a passion for all things arty, quirky and nerdy! Since working for a wedding decor company heading up their online presence and social media, I've gained real enthusiasm for the wedding design industry professionally. For more of my personal writing visit Writing Into the Ether or follow me on Instagram. (Expect lots of posts around geek culture!)”

I’ll still have a little dabble at the old blogging every so often but I’ll mostly stick to what I do best and that’s creating unique Wedding Stationery for your alternative, unique or vintage wedding day!

Look out for Amy's first blog post on the importance of Save-the-Dates coming soon.

Speak soon, Sharon xxx

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