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How to make your wedding day your own, and keep it that way!

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Sometimes a traditional wedding just isn't the way to go when it comes to self expression! We firmly believe that your day should be solely your own... But how do you make sure that happens without upsetting those you love?

Sometimes your Mother, your Nan that one over-ambitious Uncle... can all try to interfere with your big day; but they all have the best intentions for you! It's hard to say no to the ones you love but sometimes it's a necessity. So here are our top tips on avoiding this sticky situation!

  1. Give them a job Sometimes the thought of helping is enough for a family member. Take something you really don't mind giving away responsibility for, and allocate it to them. Oh Nan, I just thought it would be a fantastic idea if you dealt with the confetti choice!

  1. Brief them on your theme Sometimes it's just not enough to say you're going with a "gothic" theme for example. You could end up with all sorts of weird and wacky junk! As tedious as it might be, give them as much detail as possible in the first instance.

  1. Refer to the wedding planner If you have a wedding planner, take full advantage by saying that things are completely under control! Things like, My wedding planner has arranged those things already. My wedding planner has a different idea of where to go with that. They are the professionals, after all!

  1. Make lists Wedding planning is probably the most KEY times to make lists! If you have everything down to a T, then it will be more difficult for people to slip in some random balloons or cheesy ornamental centrepieces. People will often try to help more if they think you're flapping, so get it all together and talk it through with someone who really gets you, like your best friend/head bridesmaid/best man. (Or even you know... your fiancé!)

  1. Learn to say no Unfortunately sometimes the only way to get what you want is to say no. Don't worry about being a bit straightforward. Thank them profusely, say you are really happy they want to help but you have something else in mind. Then maybe to soothe the pain, skip back to point 1 - divert their attention with something else to make them feel involved again!

Overall, just don't be afraid. The same way you want your home or your clothes to be a reflection of yourself, you'll feel so much more comfortable knowing that your day will be perfectly different -exactly as you are!

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