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2 Drastically Different Directions to take your Day of the Dead Wedding

Dios de los Muertos (or the Day of the Dead) is an increasingly popular theme for weddings. Perhaps because the more macabre of us are truly expressing ourselves nowadays, or because it's a big trend right now to have your colours POP! If you too have an affection for the eccentric, then we would recommend these 2 drastically different ways to take your Day of the Dead wedding!

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First, here's one for the kooks: that weird and wonderful couple straight from the curiosity cabinet. If you have a devotion to the dark, skulls are the only way to go! Spanish laces, black candles and deep purples and teals will really set your day in the right direction. Here at Satin and Tat we LIVE for this kind of stuff, and our new Day of the Wed designs are just what you need to set the tone!

Alternatively, go chromatic! The Day of the Dead is known for being a bonanza of popping colours and hand-drawn patterns. Think intense and vibrant pinks, purples, oranges, blues... every colour you can think of and turn the saturation up to eleven!

We pride ourselves on our completely customisable designs, so keeping with the skull theme why not go for our Pastel Skull invites but mix it up! Pick a super bright colour from our extensive palette and send out your Day of the Dead vibes as early as possible!

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